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mortgage protection insurance

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This section offers access to compare quotes for insurance cover to provide insurance protection for a mortgage, a loan or simply to protect your income via independent insurance providers. If an accident, illness or redundancy strikes, how would you cope?

Click on these links, or scroll down the page to compare quotes available for you -
protection insurance      mortgage payment protection insurance  Mortgage Protection Insurance
           - to protect your mortgage

    income protection insurance  Income Protection Insurance
           - to safeguard your lifestyle

    critical illness insurance  Critical Illness Insurance
           - to protect you if serious illness strikes

    loan payment protection insurance  Loan Protection Insurance
           - to cover most types of loan

£6 billion mortgage payment protection insurance rip-off!

According to Goodfellows, prominent in the market in accident, sickness and unemployment insurance: " mortgage borrowers are being mortgage payment protection insurance overcharged by more than £6 billion for mortgage protection insurance cover."

Banks Face Inquiry Into Cost of Payment Protection
"The Office of Fair Trading has concluded that consumers are paying too much for (payment protection) products. ... The OFT found that most consumers tend not to shop around for the best deal because they are sold PPI as and add-on when they appply for credit."

Could you be one of the many paying too much for income protection insurance?

It's easy to get a quote for mortgage payment protection, income protection and critical illness cover. Just "Click for Quote" below without obligation. This site links you to a choice of external mortgage and loan payment protection insurance companies where you can usually request a quote online.

Quote for Mortgage Protection Insurance
mortgage protection insurance Before you sign up to the Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance cover that your Building Society offers you, consider whether you can get the insurance protection at a lower rate. You can now obtain alternative quotes using the Internet. Here we can offer you the option to compare quotes for Mortgage Protection Insurance cover from independent companies. mortgage payment insurance Secure your mortgage payments if disaster strikes but check if you can buy protection cover at a much lower cost or if you can find better cover online from competing UK mortgage protection insurance providers.

Check each insurer's web site for precise terms of cover.

mortgage protection insurance
Mortgage Protection Insurance Quote

Quote for Income protection Insurance
income protection insurance Income Protection Insurance will provide a cushion for you and your family in the event of you suffering an accident, illness or redundancy. Think how your financial standing might suffer if something happened and you could not earn a living. What would you do? How would your family cope, not only paying the bills but looking after you were you to be disabled in some way? income protection insurance In a couple of clicks, you can compare quotations for Income Protection cover and if you like a premium that you see, you can go on to buy online. What could be more convenient?

Check for cover options that might be suitable to protect your mortgage, loan, household bills or simply to protect your lifestyle. You may also wish to request cover for term life, critical illness, accident or sickness disability. Premiums can usually be paid monthly.

Check each company's web site for precise terms of cover.

income protection insurance
Income Protection Insurance Quote

Quote for Critical Illness Insurance
critical illness insurance Critical Illness insurance is a common requirement by a mortgage lender, for example, if you are borrowing money long term. Insurance of this type can help to pay you a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

A life-changing illness can leave you needing an urgent cash injection to, say, meet your bills, make special changes to your house, to take a long holiday or just to look after your family. critical illness insurance

Check the key features when you ask for a quote but you are likely to find a core set of illnesses that are included, an additional bank of illnesses that may possibly be included as standard, and then various other conditions that can be added at an extra cost. You may also be offered a joint policy e.g. husband and wife on the same cover with the policy paying out on happening of the first insured peril i.e. cancelling after that first payout.

Check each company's web site for precise terms of cover to ensure that the cover you buy is suitable for your needs.

Critical Illness insurance
Critical Illness Insurance Quote

Quote for Loan Payment Protection Insurance
loan payment protection insurance Millions of people in the UK have loans that have been signed up after they have carefully calculated their budgets. However, if you have a loan for your car, conservatory or other borrowings, what would you do if you suddenly found your income drastically reduced due to illness, accident or unemployment? How would your family cope if something happened to you? Could you face having your goods repossessed? And do you realise that repossession may not even cover what you still owe?

loan insurance Your loan company may offer you loan insurance as part of the package but can you obtain the same or better loan protection insurance cover or just a better rate? We can offer you a link to an alternative quotation for your cover that may be lower than the one you may have now. Click on the link for a quote that you can accept and buy online if you wish. Or, bookmark this site to check again at a future date.

Check each company's web site for precise terms of cover (loan payment protection insurance has come in for press criticism lately because cover is not always provided in accordance with buyers' expectations - it is up to you to ensure that you will get adeqauate and suitable cover).

loan protection insurance
Loan Protection Insurance Quote

Be sure to check the Key Features, Terms, Conditions and Exclusions ahead of purchase of any service on this site. Policy details should be offered to you as you proceed. All insurances are arranged by independent providers or companies who will be responsible for advising you and arranging your service.


BBC Homes - one-stop guide to buying and selling a house.
Borrowing Money - Channel 4 Money site.
Financial Conduct Authority - General Insurance Regulation.
Mortgage Code Compliance Board
National Debtline - free advice on coping with debt.


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