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We all want to live a long and healthy life but things tend to get in the way of doing the right thing and sooner or later your body succumbs to one ailment or another. Links off this site will give you some ideas for what you can do (remember that all links are external to our site and we carry no responsibility for them, nor where subsequent links may take you - see our disclaimer/legal notice).

Some things are pure common sense - eat sensibly, drink in moderation, get enough sleep, avoid stress, take exercise. But, are there any other short-cuts to living longer? Is there a magic pill that will give you vim and vigour?

What about eating meat? Is the body equipped to eat as much red meat as you like, or should you go for alternatives and, if so, which? It is generally agreed that high-fat content red meats are bad for the body if high volumes are eaten. You might consider poultry instead as a life-lengthening alternative. A trip to see your doctor would allow them to give you personalised advice appropriate to your circumstances.

Have a look at the sites below. They offer advice on things that you can do to have a longer enjoyable life.

Real Age - a site claiming to help you reverse the ageing process, look younger and live longer. Try their test "What's Your Real Age?".

10 Ways to Live Longer - advice on getting the right amount of sleep, adopting the right attitude, owning a pet, and other tips that anyone can follow.


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