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term life insurance quote
Term Life
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over 50 life insurance quote
Over 50's
Life Insurance

Life Insurance quotes are available in several different types. Many other plans are simply variations of the basic life plans. These core life plans include -
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Endowment Insurance
* A whole life insurance policy runs for the whole of your life and pays a sum of money to your dependants.
* A term life policy runs for a fixed term period and only pays out if you die during that period. It is possible to set up a decreasing term life insurance policy i.e. the value of the payout reduces as the policy gets nearer to maturity (e.g. in line with a reducing debt via a loan).
* An endowment policy runs for a fixed period and pays a sum to you at maturity date.

There are many companies who have combined elements of these basic plans to offer you what they consider to be attractive life insurance packages. Life insurance companies invest premiums paid to build a larger sum than the amount you pay in premiums. Note that such investment policies that pay a sum at maturity date generally do best if they run for their full term. If you surrender an investment policy early, you may not get back a useful return. You may even receive less than you have paid in premiums if you surrender early and it is possible that an early surrender of a life insurance policy will see a zero return. Check the terms of each plan that you are offered so that you understand what you are buying. If in doubt, ask advice from an independent financial adviser.

Life insurance is generally insisted upon by your mortgage lender or any organisation that lends you significant amounts of money. It is also a way of providing for your family's needs in the event of your death when the proceeds can be used to pay off debts or to maintain their lifestyle.

Click for a life insurance quote and you will be offered a range of companies independent of this site ready to give you life insurance quotes online.

term life insurance quote

over 50s life insurance quote

family life insurance

over 50 life insurance

term life insurance quote

over 50s life insurance quote

term life insurance quote
Term Life
Insurance Quote
over 50 life insurance quote
Over 50's
Life Insurance

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