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We would all like to be fit enough to run a marathon, but for many of us, it is simply out of the question and is never going to happen. How then can we seek to improve our fitness and general health?

We should advise you that ANY exercise should not be embarked upon if you have any health issues so a trip to see your doctor first is a good idea.

Walking - walking is an excellent activity that nearly everyone can perform. It's up to you how much effort you put into it but you should aim to walk as quickly as is comfortable but at a pace that you can detect is raising your heart rate. Take it gently at first but push yourself to gain benefit and strength over a period. For more information, click here - Walking the Way to Health Initiative.

Swimming - suppose that walking is not possible. Well, why not consider swimming? Here, the weight is off your joints (mostly) yet you can spend a good time getting aerobic benefits, and enjoying the experience into the bargain. If you're a bit shy about using a swimming pool, have a ring round local pools to see whether they have restricted opening times e.g. an over-60's hour some days, or even men- or women-only days. A good resource of UK swimming information can be found here - British Swimming.

Yoga - this is a good way to keep your joints supple and your stress levels low. Many sports centres will have a yoga class a day or two each week. Anyone can do yoga - you just stretch until you begin to feel a resistance and if you keep it up, you will be able to stretch further and further each week. The governing body for yoga in the UK is - The British Wheel of Yoga.

Other types of exercising could include Pilates - click here for Pilates Foundation.


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