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car breakdown insurance


Q: How much to have your car towed off the motorway after a breakdown?
£40? £75? £99? Even more than that?
You'll find the answer at the foot of this section of text. click for car breakdown insurance quote

Which! consumer magazine has stated that a 3 to 5 year old car has a 10% chance of breaking down in a year! Have a think about your own car. Will the law of averages work to your disadvantage and put you at the roadside, miles from anywhere, and maybe late at night? How would you cope with such a breakdown? And, would you have money on you to pay for the call-out of a mechanic?

Maybe you're a businessman trying to get to an important meeting. Or, do you have a plane to catch for your holiday? What will you do if the inevitable happens and your car grinds to a halt with a breakdown? Breakdowns NEVER happen at convenient times!

Maybe you used to dabble as a bit of a mechanic some years ago and think that you might be able to car breakdown insurance fix the breakdown yourself. But, have you looked under the bonnet of your car recently? Nothing looks like it used to. And things always seem to have special tools for getting inside them. How realistic is is that you could fix your car breakdown on your own?

Do you want to go to all the potential trouble and expense of driving a car that could break down on you at any moment? You could get yourself some breakdown insurance that will cover your car and protect you? Even the best maintained cars break down. Consider whether the peace of mind of having a breakdown insurance policy in the glove box of your car is worth the cost in itself.

Click for Car Breakdown Insurance Quote

europe car breakdown insurance GOING ABROAD?
Car Breakdown Insurance can be important if you are planning to take your car outside of the UK. Just think about trying to find parts to fix the breakdown in a foreign country, or fixing it yourself when you should be enjoying your holiday. We all know that car breakdown repairs can be more expensive on the continent. You can often include European car breakdown cover with your insurance if you need it (check).

From this site, you can get a free quote and arrange car breakdown insurance for a selection of valuable options such as these -

    click for car breakdown insurance quote
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery of your Car to Nearest Garage
  • No Call-out Charges
  • Friends & Relatives Message Service
  • Recovery of your Car to Your Home
  • Recovery of Car to Original Destination
  • European Insurance Cover
  • Cover for You/Partner + Any Vehicle
Remember to check the insurance offered to you before you buy to see what is covered and what is not.

ANSWER to the question: "How much to have your car towed off a motorway after a breakdown?" :-
according to Daily Mail (Dec 12) when you breakdown on the motorway, the police will allocate a towing company to remove your car at a cost of about £250! This figure will inevitably rise with the passage of time.

Can you afford this type of expense?

If you'd rather have car breakdown insurance, click here for a

Car Breakdown Insurance Quote
breakdown insurance uk

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